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Headshots Photo Shoot

What to Expect

What to Expect

We’ll give you an image that projects your confidence and personality. It's a wise investment to sell YOU and leave a powerful impression on the people who are considering hiring you.

Nervous ? Well not for long... Once you realise you're in good hands you’ll soon relax with our friendly, down to earth creative direction.

Bring any previously done headshots so we can discuss with you what you want done differently. We also need to know the intended usage of the image's.

Finally let us know what your availability is and if any urgency so we can do our best to fit you in as soon as possible. Our turnaround time to prepare your CD is usually a few minutes for headshots, after your shoot has finished.

What to Bring

What to Bring

It's best to bring a few options that are simple, and most flattering in a mid to dark tone (avoid bright colours and strong patterns).We aim to enhance your face, not take attention away from it. If you are wearing a suit for your professional headshot wear an understated tie in colour and pattern.

Careful when accessorising not to overcomplicate, it's not the jewellery that you are selling. If you are unsure it is best to bring a few options and we can coordinate your outfit at the studio.


Bring some feel good music to help you be energised and focus. Oh and remember to be organised so you are not rushed and stressed before the shoot.

Makeup and Hair

We recommend your look be fresh and natural. If any, apply minimal foundation, that leaves a fresh natural look with some subtle eye and lip definition.

Professional makeup/hair can be done at the shoot, but we need to be informed at time of the booking.

Your Viewing Given on CD

Your Viewing

After you shoot all hi res images are immediately burnt onto CD for you to take with you. Once you decide on your favourite shot to be retouched, email us and we will carefully enhance and retouch and crop this image so it can be used with confidence.



Having enhanced pictures for major beauty, acting and corporate clients we know how to subtly apply our magic wand to deliver the ultimate result without looking unnatural.

On Location Head Shots

Professional headshots can be arranged to be shot on locations. Parking costs to be covered by customer.

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